About IBPS Sweden

International Buddhist Progress Society, Sweden (IBPS Sweden) was founded in 1996. It is one of the affiliates of IBPS worldwide organization with its main centres based in Los Angeles, Sydney, Berlin, Johannesburg and Taiwan. It was under the brilliant leadership of the Venerable Master Hsing Yun who brings together the monastic and lay devotees to work jointly to achieve the goals in doing services to the community, educational, charity and international cultural exchanges, etc., apart from promoting the spiritual values. All the services are to aim at the four main objectives of IBPS, i.e.

  1. To propagate Buddhist teachings through cultural activities
  2. To foster talent through education
  3. To benefit society through charitable programs
  4. To purify human hearts and minds through Buddhist practice

Since its establishment, IBPS-Sweden has organized different kinds of activities, such as:

  • Buddha’s birthday celebration,
  • lectures and talks on Dharma,
  • International Buddhist Examination,
  • Dharma functions around the year,
  • Summer camp for the children, etc,

We have opened a Buddhist library where members can borrow the books and tapes on Dharma and some are even distributed for free.

The Temple is very much welcomed by everyone. Due to the current situation with Covid-19 you need to book a visit by contacting us.

Those who visited the Temple were deeply impressed by the friendliness and peacefulness atmosphere that abounded. It not only helps bring together the spirits of the immigrants with a touch of homeliness, but also provides a tranquil place for those who wish to seek inner-peace despite of outer differences such as racial and language boundaries.

We are now on our way to work harder so as to act as a bridge for the cultural exchange between the East and West, to promote a harmonious and respectful community amid the chaotic world.