【Event】European BLIA Scout Camp & Leaders Education, Life Exploration Camp

The main purpose of the event:

  1. To help youths grow healthily through camping activities in the wild and the experience of Scouting activities.
  2. To improve the skills of the Scouts’ leaders and to enhance their ability in leading groups.
  3. To enhance the communication among European BLIA Scouts.
  4. To build positive, optimistic attitude and active outlook on life.

Time: July 18 ~ 31 , 2018, a total of 14 days

Number of participants:

a total of 100 people (close until it is full)

Qualifications of participants:

  1. Scouts and child scouts of European countries are 7 to 15 years old.
  2. Leaders of BLIA Scouts in European countries.
  3. BLIA members who are willing to serve the children with love, patience, and enthusiasm and are over 18 years old.
  4. Those who are interested in Scouting education activities.

Scout Camps:

Registration Location: IBPS Sweden

Camp A: Full participation (arrive before 14:00 on July 18th and return after 12:00 on the 31st).

Camp B: July 18~25 (arrive before 14:00 on July 18th and return in the morning of 26th)

Camp C: July 26~31 (arrive before 14:00 on July 26th and return in the morning of the 31st)

Participation fee:

(Including costs of round-trip boats tickets, transportation, camping, 14-day activity’s accommodation, educational expenses)

  1. Camp A 14 Days: 450 Euros for European countries (Excluding flight fares from/to Sweden); Sweden: 4500 SEK (BLIA Scouts 4000 SEK)
  2. Camp B 7 Days: 250 Euros for European countries (Excluding flight fares from/to Sweden); Sweden: 2500 SEK
  3. Camp C 6 days: 250 Euros for European countries (Excluding flight fares from/to Sweden); Sweden: 2,500 SEK

Note: 15% discount for participants with more than 3 persons in the same family.


Please register online (until it is full).

Click here to register online → Registration of 2018 European BLIA Scout Camp


BLIA Scout Sweden

  1. IBPS Sweden: Venerable Ruhai +46 722611346 E-mail: ibpssweden@gmail.com
  2. BLIA Scout Sweden:  Wendy +46 704799688,  Meijun +46 737621672


BLIA Scout uniforms, EU T-shirts, coats, and own trousers.

Carrying supplies:

sleeping bags, moisture-proof mats, changing clothes, toiletries, bottles, shoes.

(There is no laundry service, please bring enough clothes)


  1. July 18th-22th Scout Island camping.
  2. July 23th-24th grouping of Scouts and leaders.
  3. July 25th One day’s tour.
  4. July 26th to 31st Life Exploration Camp.
  5. If you cancel after registration, you must pay half of the registration fee.

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