IBPS Sweden Dharma Supporters Program

Ever since the establishment of IBPS Sweden 1999, your kind support and contributions have enabled us to spread the Dharma here in Sweden. To facilitate the continual propagation of the Dharma we have set up a Dharma Supporters Program.

Your donations are used to support the cost of utility bills, repairs and maintenance, and cultural, educational and charitable endeavours. Your generosity can make a difference. Help us to propagate Buddhism, spreading harmony, peace and happiness to individuals and the society.

Dedication of merits:

  • Names of supporters will be displayed on the merits board in the temple. Dedication of merits during morning and evening chanting.
  • Dedication of merits during annual Dharma Services.
  • Support and assistance for weddings and funerals can be provided. Please contact the temple for more details

This spiritual home relies on your support and kind contributions. Thank you for your generosity.

Support us by filling in this form or contact us:

Tel:+46 8 5903 5801

Email: ibpssweden@gmail.com

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